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Experimenting with rose petals in your tea

At, we love to experiment with tea. In one of our latest experiments, we combined rose petals with Golden Nepal. The result was delicious. It marked the beginning of a series of tests to discover which teas could be combined with rose petals. Our conclusion: rose petals are versatile and can be combined with almost anything. We are excited to inspire you!

Pure rose petals


Before we dive into the many combinations with rose petals, let’s first consider the pure infusion. Pure rose petals make a delightful, gentle floral infusion. A pure rose petal infusion also contains no caffeine and has a calming effect, making it ideal for evening consumption.

With pure tea

As mentioned in the introduction, rose petals combine very well with pure tea. White tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, and even post-fermented tea are delightful in combination with rose petals. They add an extra dimension and complexity to the tea. Experiment and test to find out with which pure tea you prefer to combine rose petals.

Our favorite combinations: Bai Mu Dan, Mao Feng, Tie Guan Yin AMBAR, Golden Nepal, and Pu-erh Yunnan.

Great in blends

Rose petals can also be a tasty addition to existing blends, adding extra color and a delightful rose flavor. Rose petals work best with subtle blends without overly strong flavors. If the blend already contains many components, the flavor of the rose petals may not come through sufficiently. For example, in the test with Minty Green, the mint completely dominated the rose petals.

Our favorite combinations: Dragon Pearls, Jasmine Tea, and Green Wakame.

Rose petals in cold brew

Rose petals also work well in cold infusions, specifically in cold brew and iced tea, both alone and in combination with other teas. Last summer, we discovered a delicious cold brew recipe that combines rose petals with Kukicha.

Less tasty with herbs

Rose petals are less suitable with strong herbs such as ginger and verbena, where the intense, spicy flavors can overpower the rose petals. However, they do pair well with herbs that have a mild and subtle flavor.

Our favorite combinations: Rooibos and Pure Rosehip.

A tasty addition to other flowers?

Whether rose petals pair well with other flowers depends on the flower. Our tests showed that rose petals go well with elderflower but less so with lavender, for example. A mix of different flowers often lacks a bit of body. If you want a floral abundance in your cup, consider adding real tea leaves to make the taste fuller and rounder.


Whether a tea pairs well with rose petals largely depends on the proportions used. Too few rose petals and you might not taste them; too many and the flavor of the other tea disappears.

To find the right ratio between the rose petals and the other tea, it’s best to do some tests. Start with a few petals and see if the rose flavor comes through. Whether you prefer a subtle, gentle taste of rose petals or a stronger flavor, you can adjust the amount of rose petals according to your personal preference.

Everything mentioned above are suggestions. Tastes are personal, so don’t be discouraged if you find a certain combination not to your liking (or if you do). We aim to provide inspiration for you to experiment on your own.

We will soon have our own blend where rose petals are already added to black tea—ideal if you’re not in the mood to experiment yourself. Our Black Rose will be available online soon.


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