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Gift guide: the perfect gift for every tea drinker

Tea is the ideal Christmas gift. It’s delicious, warming, healthy, and offers many options for every budget. However, it’s not always easy to know which tea will make the recipient happy. No worries, we’re here to help you find the perfect tea gift. In this blog, we’ll go over fun gift options for every type of tea drinker.

Know Who You’re Buying For

The first question to ask yourself is whether you know what kind of tea the gift recipient likes to drink. If you know someone’s tea preference, choosing a gift is a piece of cake. If they like green tea, a green tea discovery pack is a great idea. If the recipient is a big fan of chamomile, perhaps a year’s supply of chamomile tea, say 10 or 15 bags, would be an original idea.

It gets a bit more difficult if you have no idea what kind of tea someone likes. Consider whether they have been drinking tea for a long time or have just discovered the wonderful world of tea. It’s even harder if you don’t know the person well. No worries, we have several fun and original ideas for every type of tea drinker, coffee drinkers, and even children.

New Tea Drinkers

A beginner tea drinker has just discovered the world of tea. Therefore, give them a varied selection of teas, such as our Tealovers tea package. Discovery packages to get to know a single type of tea are also ideal. We offer AMBAR Tea Discovery Package, Green Tea Discovery Package, Black Tea Discovery Package, Fruit and Herbal Tea Discovery Package, and Oolong Discovery Package. Another nice idea is to give a handy accessory, such as a tea scoop, timer, or beautiful storage tin.

Experienced Tea Drinkers

An experienced tea drinker usually already has a large tea collection. Try to surprise them with more special teas that they may not have tried before. All our special and most exclusive teas can be found here. Other great ideas are a Theesnob Tea Package, Pu-erh Cake, or a beautiful item from our tea ceremony collection.

Tea bag Drinkers

There are many options for fans of tea bags as well. There are the quality bags from our own House of Tea line or the combo boxes from Or Tea?.

Another fun idea is to introduce them to loose leaf tea by giving them all the necessary equipment. Good ideas for this are a handy filter or a beautiful tea cup with a matching filter.

Herb Enthusiasts

Does the person you’re buying for like herbal tea? Surprise them with herbs from our pure herbs assortment. We have hibiscus, nettle, Greek mountain tea, pure ginger, chamomile, peppermint, sage, dandelion, valerian root, lime leaf, and much more!

Athletes and Health Enthusiasts

Matcha is popular for a reason. It is especially consumed by athletes and health enthusiasts because it contains more antioxidants than regular green tea. High-quality matcha will definitely make them happy. It’s also original to give them the necessary matcha accessories, such as a matcha spoon, matcha bowl, or matcha strainer. All our Matchas and accompanying accessories can be found here.

Coffee Drinkers

For coffee drinkers, you can choose a nice mug, our full assortment of cups can be found here. We have beautiful mugs with flowers, cats, pandas… To-go cups can also be handy for coffee drinkers, like our beautiful to-go mug with cats.

You can also try to convince coffee drinkers of the wonderful world of tea. You should choose dark tea with a strong taste, like our Da Hong Pao, Kukicha, Lapsang Souchong, or Pu-Erh Yunnan.


Children often love tea, especially if their mom or dad also regularly enjoys a cup. Tea is also a very healthy choice for them. Our recommendations for children can be found on our tea for kids page. Here you’ll find both kid-friendly teas and magical tea cups that change color.

Unknown Recipient

If you don’t know the person you’re buying for well or don’t know what kind of tea they like, choose classic teas that everyone knows like Chamomile, Jasmine Green, or Darjeeling. Another fun idea is to choose a beautiful mug or handy cold brew bottle instead of tea. These can be used for many purposes.

Some Final Tipsthee cadeau

  • A few months or weeks before Christmas, subtly ask the person for whom you’re buying what kind of tea they like to drink. It’s important to ask subtly, so they don’t realize it’s about their Christmas gift.
  • If you need tea gifts for many people, make a list with ideas/the favorite tea of each person if you know it. Also, be sure to mark on your list when you’ve purchased the gift to maintain a good overview.
  • Giving a mug as a gift? Mugs often have a typical, easily recognizable shape. To keep the surprise, make the shape unrecognizable when wrapping. You can do this by using two layers of wrapping paper, bubble wrap, or by first placing the mug (or other recognizable item) in a box and then wrapping the box.
  • If you have underfloor heating, it’s best not to place a gift containing tea under the Christmas tree too far in advance.

We hope that we have been able to inspire you in finding a suitable Christmas gift. Would you like us to festively wrap your present? No problem! Select the gift wrapping option at checkout, and we will ensure that your order is festively packaged. Would you like personal advice? Then contact us via email or WhatsApp, and we will be happy to assist you in choosing an appropriate gift.

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