A relatively new way of brewing tea that we at Thee.be are already fond of. Those looking to purchase a Tea Maker are in the right place!

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Tea makers are relatively new to the market and are becoming quite a trend. Many restaurants and cafes are switching to tea makers because they look fantastic and offer many possibilities. Some tea makers use a press system, which beautifully showcases the unfurling of tea leaves. You press the leaves down when your tea has infused long enough. When using a press system, it’s important to note that infusion still occurs even after the tea leaves have been pressed down. Therefore, a small pot often works better for loose tea with a press system, allowing you to pour out the entire contents when the tea has steeped long enough. Small glass teapots with a filter instead of a press system are also a popular choice. They come in various designs and are a stylish eye-catcher in your kitchen. Here, too, it’s best to pour the tea out immediately when it has steeped long enough.

Another trendy tea maker rapidly gaining popularity is what people call the ‘real tea maker.’ With this method, you let the tea steep in the tea maker, and when it has steeped enough at the right temperature, you place it on top of a cup, teapot, or glass, and the tea automatically flows in. It’s the perfect way to serve all your guests a delicious cup of tea in a stylish manner at the table.

Tea makers are specially designed to make it easy to steep loose tea and pour it easily. Of course, many tea makers also allow you to use tea bags.