For the little ones among us, we always look for delicious and child-friendly tea, as well as various accessories to present that tea in a fun way. Children often love tea, especially when mom or dad frequently enjoy it too. Moreover, it's a very healthy drink for them.

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Cat-themed teapot 0.6 L


Set of 2 tea cups “Animal Party” 350ml


Set of 4 tea cups with cats 250ml


Strawberry Kiss

A sweet and fruity strawberry tea 5,60

Sunset Glow AMBAR

A sweet fruit infusion 7,50

Tea infuser with bee


Tea infuser with unicorn


Tea strainer hippopotamus


Tropical Paradise

Fruit tea with mango and pineapple 8,99

Magic mug “Street Cats” 250ml


Pineapple tea infuser


Tea infuser with flamingo


Tea strainer cat


Tea is a wonderful beverage, and it’s not just for adults. Kids also love tea. With tea, you can endlessly experiment, and it’s much healthier than soda or fruit juices. Children generally enjoy iced tea, but they can also surprisingly appreciate hot tea. Tea, made from tea leaves, always contains caffeine, so it’s best for children to choose herbal tea or fruit tea. In our tea assortment, we offer a wide range of caffeine-free teas.

Because we at strongly believe in the power of tea for children, we pay extra attention to making tea as enjoyable as possible for the little ones. Our mission is to introduce children to different tea flavors and reconnect them with healthy and natural beverages. Children love to have their own fun mug or tea set, which is why we always look for exciting products for kids.