Want to enjoy your tea on the go? We have the perfect solution! We offer various bottles designed for easy on-the-go tea consumption, made of glass, with filters, sleeves, available in different sizes and colors, and featuring fun prints. Check out our selection of on-the-go tea bottles below.

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Flowtea tea bottle Cherry Blossom


Flowtea tea bottle Ginko


Flowtea tea bottle Leaf


Flowtea tea bottle Mandala


Flowtea tea bottle Padma


Flowtea tea bottle Tropic Summer


Glass on-the-go tea bottle


Gong Fu Cha travel set 160 ml


Hario cold brew bottle on the go 400ml – light green


Hario cold brew bottle on the go 400ml – light pink


On-the-go bottle with stainless steel filter


To-go mug with cats


Totebag “TEA”


Flowtea tea bottle New Little Geisha


Take-away coffee has been trendy for a while, but take-away tea took a bit longer to catch on. Fortunately, that’s slowly changing. Enjoying your favorite drink on the go is no longer limited to coffee drinkers; tea on the go is becoming more popular as well. And we have the tools to make it happen.

At Thee.be, we offer various options for those who like to take their tea with them. You can choose to brew your tea at home and take a large thermos with you – some thermoses can keep your tea hot all day – or you can steep your tea leaves on the go. We have several new technologies available. Some tea bottles are designed to be leak-proof, making them suitable for carrying in your handbag or laptop bag. If you prefer to enjoy your favorite tea while driving, you can select a bottle that fits in your car’s cup holder. And if you like loose tea instead of tea bags, you can opt for a tea thermos with a filter, allowing you to add your loose tea directly to your on-the-go bottle.

In addition to beautiful glass options, we also offer various colorful designs. Choose your favorite and enjoy tea every day, wherever you go.