You can get delicious tea by brewing it the right way. With the right tools, you can quickly transform your tea leaves into a wonderful cup. If you're looking for supplies to make your tea, we offer a wide and varied assortment of everything you could possibly need for the perfect cup of tea.

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Magic Teamaker


Stainless steel tea filter with decoration


Basic stainless steel tea infuser – Small


Black tea filter


Bombilla (mate straw)


Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle


Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Kettle – black/wood


Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Kettle – stainless steel/wood


Brewista Artisan Gooseneck kettle – white


Ceramic matcha bowl, 300ml

Luxurious ceramic matcha bowl

Ceremonial Matcha “Nippon”


Ceremonial Matcha (BIO)

Ceremonial Organic matcha powder

Cold brew tea bundle


Design stainless steel tea filter “Swan”


Design stainless steel tea filter with handle


Disposable tea filter, paper LARGE


Disposable tea filter, paper MEDIUM


Disposable tea filter, paper SMALL


Disposable tea filters for stick


Gaiwan set “Dao” with 2 cups


Glass tea filter with a cork stopper


Gong Fu Cha dark bamboo tea table “Mountains”


Gong Fu Cha starter kit


Gong Fu Cha teapot “Dao” 180 ml porcelain


Making tea is an art form. For those who start with quality loose-leaf tea, the goal is to get the best out of the product. The right water, the right temperature, and the correct steeping time are all crucial factors in making tea. For a long time, we in the West didn’t pay much attention to these details, but now we’re beginning to understand the nuances and increasingly appreciate the importance of the brewing method. And rightly so, as it makes a world of difference.

If you’re using loose-leaf tea, you’ll need a filter or a tea infuser. This allows the loose tea leaves to steep and be removed when the tea has steeped sufficiently. Some teapots even come with a built-in filter. Tea makers are also very trendy nowadays; they’re a great way to pleasantly surprise your guests, and they can also be used to easily make ice-brewed tea, for example.

A good kettle is crucial. Most kettles can only boil to 100 degrees Celsius, which causes the tea to lose much of its aroma and results in a bitter taste. Oxygen is also lost when water reaches boiling point, and oxygen is essential for the taste of the tea. That’s why, like wine-tasting, you should slurp your tea—yes, you can do that shamelessly. The correct temperature is therefore essential. At, we offer various types of kettles for different budgets. Once you’ve gotten your water to the right temperature, it’s important to also keep an eye on the steeping time. You can time this with a digital timer or do it charmingly using an hourglass.

For those interested in the ceremonial route, also has you covered. We offer various tools for the traditional Chinese tea ceremony known as Gong Fu Cha. Prefer matcha? If you’re a fan of the incredible effects of matcha that everyone always talks about and want to brew your matcha as perfectly as possible, we have all the tools you’ll need. From a typical matcha bowl to a chasen, the traditional matcha whisk. Are you a maté enthusiast? We also offer a calabash and a bombilla.