After you've found your favorite tea, the search for the necessary accessories begins. The world of tea accessories is almost as diverse as that of tea itself. We've selected the most delightful teapots, tea cups, tea mugs, tea cozies, and on-the-go bottles for you, so that tea-drinking becomes even more enjoyable.

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Tea warmer with stainless steel and candle


“Cosy Cats” tea mugs 300ml: set of 2


“Tea” tea mug with filter and lid 400ml


Black cast iron coaster


Blue tea cup with filter and lid 0.35L


Cast iron teapot ‘Aracha’ black 1.2L


Cast Iron Teapot “Denguri” Gray 0.8L


Cast iron teapot “Benifuki” grey 0,8l


Cast Iron Teapot “Yamaguchi” Black 0.3L


Cat tea mug with filter and lid 400ml


Cat-themed teapot 0.6 L


Ceramic set of Japanese tea cups 150ml


Cherry Blossom tea cup with filter and lid 350ml


Chinese tea set white 1.2L


Chinese theeset 0,7L


Flowtea tea bottle Cherry Blossom


Flowtea tea bottle Ginko


Flowtea tea bottle Leaf


Flowtea tea bottle Mandala


Flowtea tea bottle Padma


Flowtea tea bottle Tropic Summer


Glass coaster with a candle


Glass on-the-go tea bottle


Glass single-serving tea set 0.45L


The wonderful world of tea has a rich history and many traditions. Those who delve deeper into the tea story discover a world full of treasures. It’s magical how many different flavors and types of tea exist, all derived from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. The production methods are endless, resulting in significant differences in shape, taste, and color. Even within the same tea class, there are extensive varieties. For example, consider the diverse flavors of green tea. Lung Jing offers a biscuity taste, while Japanese teas are much grassier, for instance. Besides orthodox teas, there are also countless blends and infusions, such as herbal teas and tisanes.

With a history that dates back far and a wide range of flavors and types, it’s no surprise that there is also a wide variety of equipment for tea drinking. Tea is much more than just a beverage; it’s an experience. At, we provide a broad range of teapots, teacups, and tea mugs, for example.

You can opt for an entire tea set, available in various colors, sizes, and designs, or you can choose a lovely mug specifically for you. Nowadays, it’s also very trendy to drink tea from glass teacups. A beautiful teacup can also make a great gift!

At, we offer teapots from which you can pour many cups of tea, but you can also choose a set for one person, for instance. This way, you don’t need to brew a large teapot when you just want a few cups for yourself during the day. There are some incredibly cute tea-for-one models available nowadays. If you prefer to brew your tea loose one time and use tea bags another time, you can purchase a separate strainer. Be cautious with a hot teapot, as the high temperatures can damage your table or tablecloth. To keep your tea warm, you can place your teapot on a teapot warmer, and if you like to keep your tea hot, you can choose a warmer with a candle underneath.

For your teapot, you can choose one with a filter (for loose tea) or one without a filter (if you prefer using tea bags, for example). If you like to see the leaves of your loose tea unfurl in real-time, you can opt for a beautiful glass teapot. The taste of your tea is not influenced in a glass or porcelain teapot, for example, but it is in a clay or cast iron teapot. Sound a bit strange? Not at all; the Chinese always brew their tea in a clay teapot and never wash it out because they want the pot to absorb the flavor. You will also notice that the Chinese have a separate pot for each tea class (white tea, green tea, black tea, oolong, etc.).

No matter how you enjoy your tea, we provide everything you need.