If you're looking to buy a teapot, you've come to the right place. We've carefully selected a variety of teapots to suit everyone's preferences. In our range, you'll find porcelain, glass, and cast iron teapots, each with their own characteristics and advantages. Whether you're in search of a teapot just for yourself or one that can provide a warm cup for all your guests, we have it all in store for you.

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Tea warmer with stainless steel and candle


Black cast iron coaster


Cast iron teapot ‘Aracha’ black 1.2L


Cast Iron Teapot “Denguri” Gray 0.8L


Cast iron teapot “Benifuki” grey 0,8l


Cast Iron Teapot “Yamaguchi” Black 0.3L


Cat-themed teapot 0.6 L


Chinese tea set white 1.2L


Chinese theeset 0,7L


Glass coaster with a candle


Glass single-serving tea set 0.45L


Glass teapot 0.4L with glass tea filter


Glass teapot 1.2L with glass tea filter


Gong Fu Cha teapot “Dao” 180 ml porcelain


KINTO Cast teapot with filter 450 ml


KINTO Cast teapot with filter 700 ml


KINTO One Touch teapot with filter 280ml


KINTO One Touch teapot with filter 450ml – stainless steel


KINTO One Touch teapot with filter 450ml – black


KINTO Unimug tea pot gray 350ml


KINTO Unimug tea pot pink 350ml


KINTO Unimug tea pot transparent 350ml


KINTO Unimug tea pot yellow 350ml


KINTO Unitea tea warmer with candle SMALL


The world of tea has a history spanning thousands of years, and as a result, teapots also have a rich history. In China, teapots are primarily made from clay, specifically Yi Xing clay. Yi Xing is a small town in the Jiangsu province and is the only place in the world where this very special clay is found. The clay comes in various colors, from brown to green and deep purple. It’s completely natural, without any dyes, and has unique porous properties, making it ideal for brewing tea. All Yi Xing teapots are handmade, and their production is highly limited, which makes authentic Yi Xing teapots exceptionally expensive. The artisans who create them are akin to artists, and these teapots are sometimes sold for thousands of euros.

Yixing teapots are used in the traditional Chinese tea ceremony known as Gong Fu Cha. In the West, we generally use a very different type of teapot. While Yi-Xing teapots are typically small in size for pouring into small ceremonial cups, Western teapots are generally large. In the West, we like to place a large pot of tea on the table from which everyone can pour multiple cups. Western tea is often steeped for an extended period, and fewer tea leaves are used to extract as many compounds from the tea as possible. A glass teapot is ideal for this purpose, as it allows you to watch the tea leaves unfurl.

In the West, porcelain teapots are often used, and matching cups create a beautiful tea set. This tradition is particularly associated with England and the typical high-tea scenes. Porcelain teapots come in various shapes and colors, often adorned with floral or animal motifs. If you want to use loose tea in a porcelain teapot, it’s best to choose a good filter for the tea leaves. When the filter needs to fit between the pot and the lid, opt for one with very thin handles. In addition to porcelain teapots and tea sets, cast iron teapots are also becoming increasingly popular, especially in Japanese culture. You can often find matching cups in the same material and color. With a matching trivet – a cast iron teapot gets very hot – you’re all set.

A good teapot is essential for tea enthusiasts, whether it’s for yourself or for sharing tea with others. At Thee.be, we offer a wide range of teapots so that everyone can find one that suits their preferences.