The realm of tea is not a small one. On the contrary, the options are endless! Just within the expansive universe of the Camellia Sinensis plant alone (which produces black, green, white, oolong, yellow, and Pu-Erh teas), there are so many different processing methods and cultivars that one could spend a lifetime exploring them. Moreover, there are also infusions and blends. The vast variety in tastes, aromas, fragrances, textures, aftertastes, and so on ensures that there's a tea out there for everyone. However, with such a vast array of options, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to find your perfect tea.

At, our goal is to introduce you to as many different teas as possible. That's why we offer a wide range of loose teas, blends, and infusions. To make this exploration even more exciting, we've crafted special tea bundles for those looking to embark on a true tea discovery journey.

Our tea bundles are curated collections of various teas that are must-tries. You can opt for a specific category, such as the Green Tea Discovery Bundle or the Black Tea Discovery Bundle, where you already have a preference in tea type. Alternatively, you can go for a mix, like the Tea Lovers Discovery Bundle or Steffi's Favorites, for example.

These tea bundles also make for wonderful gifts for any tea aficionado.

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AMBAR Tea Discovery Bundle


Black Tea Discovery Bundle


Cold brew tea bundle


Fruit and Herbal Tea Discovery Bundle


Garden of Eden tea bundel


Green Tea Discovery Bundle


Iced Tea bundle


Oolong Tea Discovery Bundle


Tea bundle “Autumn & Winter tea”


Tea bundle “Steffi’s Favorites”


Tea bundle “Tea Snob”


Tea bundle “Tealovers”


Tea bundle in support of Diabetes Liga


House of Tea tea bag bundle