Iced Tea bundle


A package of blends and infusions that are delicious as iced tea.

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On warm days, there’s nothing more enjoyable than making iced tea yourself. This package includes various blends and infusions that are each wonderful as iced tea. In principle, iced tea can be made from any tea, but some are better suited for it than others. Fruit tea, green tea, and black tea are especially ideal for making iced tea. After much experimentation, we have selected eight blends and infusions from our range that we think are top-notch as iced tea.

Making iced tea yourself is very simple. Brew the tea according to the instructions on the package, allow it to cool for several hours in the refrigerator, and serve with a few ice cubes. If you like it sweet, add a spoonful of honey while the tea is still warm.

This tea package includes:

  • Tropical Paradise, an exotic fruit tea with mango and pineapple. (100 grams)
  • Sunset Glow AMBAR, a fruit tea from the premium AMBAR collection with exotic flavors and various herbs. (80 grams)
  • Rose Quartz AMBAR, a blend of white tea and flowers from the premium AMBAR collection. (20 grams)
  • Orange Dream, a sweet and fruity blend with orange. (100 grams)
  • Strawberry & Lime Sunrise, a delightful fruit infusion of strawberry and lime. (100 grams)
  • Black Lemon, a blend of black tea with lemon. (100 grams)
  • Green Wakame, a fresh blend of green tea with lemongrass and seaweed. (80 grams)
  • Fruity Flower, a floral and fruity blend of black and green tea with peach aroma. (100 grams)

Please note: very occasionally, a particular tea may not be available for an extended period. In this case, we reserve the right to replace one of the teas in this package with the best possible alternative. We always ensure that, if this is the case, we send you at least a tea of equal value!

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