Cold brew tea recipe: kukicha with rose petals

There are different methods for making cold tea. For this recipe, we’ll be using the cold brew method. The difference between cold brew and iced tea is that cold brew uses cold water instead of hot water. Cold brewing is super easy to make. However, it’s best to prepare it in advance since the tea needs to infuse for several hours in the fridge to become a flavorful cold brew.

Kukicha with rose petals has become one of our new favorite cold brews to make. What started as an experiment has turned into one of our all-time favorites. It’s a delicious combination, especially a gentle, slightly creamy cold drink with a strong rose scent. The combination provides a deeper, more complex taste, much richer than a cold brew made with only rose petals or kukicha on their own.

Kukicha is a special kind of Japanese green tea made from the stems of tea leaves. Often, kukicha is also roasted. Our kukicha has a toasty taste with hints of coffee and dark chocolate. Fun fact: because kukicha is made from stems and not the leaves themselves, it contains much less caffeine than regular green tea.

Even those who are not fans of Kukicha will be convinced by the fresh, floral taste of this cold brew. It’s also highly recommended for coffee lovers due to the roasted notes of kukicha.

Ingredients for 3 glasses

  • 6 grams of kukicha
  • 6 grams of rose petals
  • 700 ml water
  • Cold brew bottle* (min. 750 ml capacity)

*We have beautiful Hario cold brew bottles that are specially designed for making cold brew. The Hario cold brew bottles come in various sizes and fun colors.

Preparation Time

2 minutes (+ 4 to 8 hours of infusion time in the fridge)


Place 6 grams of kukicha and 6 grams of rose petals in your cold brew bottle. Fill with cold water and refrigerate for 4 to 8 hours. Pour out and serve with some ice cubes if desired. And it’s ready!

Prefer a very floral cold brew? Then adjust the ratio and use 9 grams of rose petals to 3 grams of kukicha.

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