Korean Woojeon

Green tea from Korea


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This Korean green tea immediately provides insight into Korean tea culture. With its accessible yet unique and pronounced flavor, it quickly captures the heart of every green tea drinker. One bag contains 70 grams of Korean green tea.

Infusion Time

2 minutes


12 gram per liter



Bag Content

70 gram

Country Of Origin

South Korea

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At Thee.be, we are very pleased to introduce this Korean green tea. We’ve been fans from the very start. After tasting the first batch, we quickly became convinced that this is a green tea that our community must try.

When one thinks of green tea, thoughts often drift to China or Japan, but Korea also has a rich and centuries-long tea history. The first writings about Korean tea date back to the year 661, and the country also has its own tea ceremony, the “Darye”, or “tea etiquette”. At first glance, it may remind one of the Chinese Gong Fu Cha (due to the small cups, among other things), but there are subtle differences.

In the realm of tea, Korea is mainly known for its green tea. For those who are seasoned green tea drinkers, you’ll find a beautiful mix of typical Japanese and Chinese flavors in this Korean Woojeon. The often pronounced grassy taste of Japanese green tea is milder here. Nutty undertones and a slightly roasted touch come more to the foreground.

This specific tea is called ‘Woojeon’, which means ‘before the rain’. This is because it’s picked between mid and late April, before the spring rains arrive. Because the tea is plucked before the rain, it is highly aromatic in both taste and smell. This tea is also very complex in flavor – something that will surely delight connoisseurs.

The Korean Woojeon is a specialty from Korea and comes from the volcanic island of Jejudo. The beautiful island is also known for its seafood, which provides an excellent food pairing tip. The grassy and nutty undertones of this green tea work perfectly in harmony with seafood and fish. This tea is also highly recommended when cooled.

Tasting notes: nuts, hay, citrus, lime, mineral, slightly sweet undertones, and a slightly dry finish.


Korean green tea.

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