Sticky Rice Oolong

Exclusive oolong tea from Thailand


An extremely surprising oolong from Northern Thailand, which, thanks to the combination with Nuo Mi Xiang leaves and a refined production process, tastes like sticky rice.

Infusion Time

2-3 minutes


12 grams per liter


85 °C

Bag Content

50 gram

Country Of Origin


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This Northern Thai oolong consists of beautifully rolled oolong balls that contain not only tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis but also leaves from the Nuo Mi Xiang plant (also known under the botanical name: Strobilanthes Nivea Craib). Let’s start with the tea leaves. These come from one of the most popular oolong cultivars, the well-known Jinxuan cultivar developed in Taiwan. Thus, the base for this tea is of an excellent type. Those who examine the wet leaf of this sticky rice oolong will see another leaf emerging here and there, softer in leaf structure and brighter in color. It is the Nuo Mi Xiang leaf from the Chiang Rai region that is rolled into the oolong. Traditionally, this sticky rice oolong consists of 10% Nuo Mi Xiang leaves. These leaves are known for their specific aroma, both in taste and in scent, of basmati rice. Yes, you read that correctly, basmati rice! Nuo Mi Xiang means “sticky glutinous rice fragrance”.

The production process, which is already the most extensive of all tea classes for oolong production, is even a bit more complicated for this Sticky Rice oolong. The tea leaves, which have already been oxidized for 8 hours, are then rolled together with the Nuo Mi Xiang leaves and then fermented again for 16 hours. It results in a dark yellow cup with a mild taste where rice tones dominate. A very special oolong that also works well in terms of food pairing but is equally a real all-day drinker. Those who love Genmaicha will also find a perfect match in this tea.

Tasting notes: rice, nuts, spicy, light floral undertones, butter.


Oolong from Thailand (90%), Nuo Mi Xiang leaves (10%).”

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