Muscatel Dragon Oolong

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Exclusive oolong from China


This exclusive Chinese oolong excels with its muscatel aroma – a highly sought and unique taste with floral and sweet undertones. A true discovery for the new tea drinker and a staple in the tea collection of connoisseurs.

Infusion Time

2-3 minutes


12 grams per liter


90 °C

Bag Content

40 gram

Country Of Origin


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This utterly unique tea comes from the Yunnan mountains in China, where it grows at elevations of approximately 800 to 2000 meters. Special cultivars have been carefully selected to achieve this unique taste and are then cultivated in an innovative manner. The tea plants of this specific Muscatel Dragon Oolong receive an abundance of sunshine on the plantation, and the production process is a combination of the typical production for black tea with aspects of oolong production.

What is muscatel tea?

In theory, muscatel is not a type of tea but an aroma. Moreover, it’s a highly sought-after aroma. It is very specific, and besides this Muscatel Dragon Oolong, you can also find this taste in an Oriental Beauty or in some Darjeelings (especially second flush) from India, for example. ‘Musk’ is the typical aroma referred to as muscatel. If you’re not immediately sure what this refers to, that’s perfectly normal. Even the great tea connoisseurs find it a particularly difficult aroma to describe, but where they easily agree is that it is particularly delicious and unique!

The words that the experts use are: Dried raisins, full body, an aftertaste of hay, sweet cantaloupe, plums, a hint of tobacco, lychee, and woody. For this Muscatel Dragon Oolong, we’d like to add: full-body and complex.

Muscatel Dragon Oolong – Brewing Method

Of course, you can brew this Muscatel Dragon Oolong in any way, both in the Western way, the herbalist way, or the typical Gong Fu Cha. At, we prefer the Gong Fu Cha method for this one. Generally, oolongs perform particularly well in this setting. By using many leaves on little water, you can extract a lot of aroma from this Muscatel, and its aroma is precisely what makes it so unique. In this way, you can also easily infuse your leaves several times.

Of course, you can also very easily use a tea egg or tea filter. This way, you can quickly brew a delicious cup of this unique tea.


Oolong tea from China.

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