Himalaya Imperial Black

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Exclusive black tea from Nepal


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As a new tea country, Nepal has won over many hearts, in part with this excellent black tea from the Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden. The leaf structure is reminiscent of an oolong, while the taste is dark, malty, with undertones of caramel and cocoa

Infusion Time

2-4 minutes


12 gram per liter


95 °C

Bag Content

50 gram

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This excellent black tea comes from the renowned Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden in Nepal – a beautiful initiative where people and nature are central, and cultivation is done organically. Moreover, the plantation makes a significant difference to the community in this relatively poor area of Nepal. Over 200 people work on and around the plantation, and extra investment is made in schools and care for the elderly.

But besides this wonderful initiative, this Tea Garden also produces fantastic tea. We are delighted to present to you this Himalaya Imperial Black. A handmade and thoroughly oxidized black tea with a very special taste and leaf structure. The leaf is reminiscent of the more typical oolong leaves, and the aromas found in it are malty with undertones of cocoa and caramel.

A beautiful specialty from the land of the Himalayas, made from tea plants from the Hile-Dhankuta hills. This artisanal tea was hand-picked in the Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden in the Dhankuta district of Eastern Nepal and crafted by an experienced tea master. The technique used to make this tea is unique and was learned from master tea makers from Japan and Taiwan.

A tea for the black tea lover looking for extra layers in their cup.

Tea plantation Jun Chiyabari

The Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden is a family business established in the year 2000 with cultivars from Nepal, Darjeeling, Taiwan, and Japan. The tea plantation covers about 90 hectares with altitudes ranging from 1650 to 2200 meters above sea level. The plantation is divided into small plots with high-quality cultivars. Every Jun Chiyabari tea is a blend of different cultivars. It has always been an organic tea plantation since its first planting in 2001. Jun Chiyabari means “Moon-lit tea garden.”

Jun Chiyabari is located in the hills around the town of Hile in Dhankuta, Nepal, and is one of the key tea plantations in the region. They grow their own tea and also buy directly from small tea farmers in the region. Good agricultural practices form the foundation upon which these excellent teas are made. They also emphasize careful production methods and continuous improvement.

The mix of warm air from the south and cold air from the north often cloaks the tea garden in cool mist, creating favorable conditions for tea cultivation. The effect of the altitude, clear and warm sunny days, interspersed with cool mountain mists and chilly nights, means that the tea is consistently light and aromatic, and depending on the variety or cultivar and the processing, also floral, fruity, grassy, or nutty.


Black tea from Nepal.

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