Matcha powder (organic)

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High-Quality Organic Matcha Tea


Green matcha tea from Japan, specifically from the Shizuoka region, made from the most refined Tencha and harvested in the spring. This jar contains 30 grams of matcha powder.


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30 gram

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Matcha bowls Yin & Yang (2 pieces)



This green matcha powder comes from Kawane, in the Shizuoka region of Japan. There, the most refined Tencha is cultivated, the tea that is ground into the famed matcha powder. Tencha is a shade-grown tea, meaning that the plants are shaded during their growth. Because they receive less sunlight, there is less photosynthesis, which results in less conversion of L-theanine into catechins. This results in a sweeter taste. To bring out this sweet aspect of the tea and minimize bitterness, matcha tea must be brewed carefully.

How to brew matcha tea?

  • Take a cup—or a special matcha bowl or chawan—and add 2 grams of matcha powder. Traditionally, this is done with a chasaku (a bamboo scoop).
  • Pour a small amount of water into it and mix it into a paste.
  • Now add 100 ml of 80°C water.
  • Whisk it with a chasen (bamboo whisk) for up to 45 seconds.
  • Drink directly from the chawan.


Organic green matcha tea from Japan.

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