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Tea quiz: test your knowledge about tea

Do you think you already know a lot about tea? Or have you just discovered the wonderful world of tea? Test your knowledge with these 12 questions about tea and find out how well you know your teas. You’ll find the correct answers at the bottom.

1.Which tea is used to make traditional Moroccan mint tea?

a. Gunpowder

b. Sencha

c. Mao Feng

d. Darjeeling

2.Tea is very popular in India. What is Indian Chai tea?

a. Black tea with milk

b. Black tea with sugar

c. Black decaf tea

d. Black tea mixed with milk, sugar, and spices

3.Which statement about Gong Fu Cha is incorrect?

a. Gong Fu Cha is an Eastern way of making tea

b. The term ‘Gong Fu Cha’ means ‘the art of making tea’.

c. Gong Fu Cha is not a tea ceremony, but rather a style of making and serving tea.

d. Gong Fu Cha uses a low tea-to-water ratio and long steeping times.

4.To make matcha, you need a number of specific items. What is a ‘Chasen’?

a. A matcha bowl

b. A matcha whisk

c. A matcha spoon

d. A holder for a Matcha whisk

5.All types of tea are made from the same tea plant. What is the name of this plant?

a. Camellia Japonica

b. Camellia Sinensis

c. Camellia Reticulata

d. Camellia Sasquana

6.The tea production process involves many different steps. Which types of tea undergo an oxidation process?

a. Black tea and green tea

b. Yellow tea and black tea

c. Black tea and oolong tea

d. Green tea and yellow tea

7.Japan is one of the largest tea countries. Which of the following teas is not a Japanese tea?

a. Bancha

b. Sencha

c. Genmaicha

d. Mao Feng

8.Taiwan is well-known for its tea and specializes in oolong tea. However, Taiwan was formerly known by another name. What was this name?

a. Formosa

b. Ceylon

c. Assam

d. Darjeeling

9.Bubble tea, also known as Boba tea, is super popular nowadays. Which country is this delicious drink originally from?

a. Thailand

b. Taiwan

c. South Korea

d. Indonesia

10.“Green tea combined with roasted and sometimes popped rice.” Which tea is being described?

a. Bancha

b. Sencha

c. Genmaicha

d. Matcha

11.Each type of tea is made from the same tea plant, but which tea undergoes the least processing and therefore has the shortest and simplest production process?

a. Yellow tea

b. Green tea

c. White tea

d. Oolong tea

12.Which of the following is not a real tea and does not contain real tea leaves?

a. Da Hong Pao

b. Lapsang Souchong

c. Silver Needle

d. Yerba Maté

Satisfied with your result? Let us know and post your score in the comments below. The fun thing about tea is that you can never know everything. The world of tea is so vast that you can keep learning indefinitely. Our blogs are a great starting point. Do you have any questions about tea? Ask us via the comments, WhatsApp, or email.

Answers: 1a, 2d, 3d, 4b, 5b, 6c, 7d, 8a, 9b, 10c, 11c, 12d.

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