Tung Ting

Oolong tea from Taiwan



Beautiful oolong tea with a lot of body, from the premier Oolong country, Taiwan. This bag of Tung Ting (also called dong ding tea) contains 70 grams of tea leaves.

Infusion Time

2 minutes


12 grams per liter


80-90 °C

Bag Content

70 gram

Country Of Origin


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A highly valued oolong tea among tea connoisseurs and a typical specialty from Taiwan, the paramount oolong country. This Ting Tung originates from the mountainous area of Nantou. The leaves of the Camellia Sinensis are gently pre-fermented and hand-rolled into oolong here. It results in a light and very fresh oolong. The color in the cup is amber. The hue is vibrant, and those who smell keenly will find notes of peach in this tea.

Oolong is a class of tea that lies between green and black tea. While green tea is theoretically 0% oxidized and black tea 100% oxidized, oolong falls somewhere in between.


Oolong tea from Taiwan

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