Gong Fu Cha starter kit



A Gong Fu Cha starter set with a teapot, 3 tea cups, tea tongs, and a tea tray.

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Make tea like a true Chinese tea master with this Gong Fu Cha starter kit. The Gong Fu Cha method is ideal for high-quality loose leaf tea but is less suitable for blends, infusions, and very fine teas. In Gong Fu Cha, you use a higher tea-to-water ratio, shorter steeping times, and a smaller teapot compared to the Western way of brewing tea.

This set includes:

  • 1 Zisha-clay teapot
  • 3 Zisha-clay tea cups
  • 1 wooden tea tongs
  • 1 bamboo tea tray

This set also makes for a wonderful gift.

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