Yixing tea set “Zisha”


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A beautiful Yixing tea set featuring a 100 ml Yixing teapot and two matching Yixing cups.

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This beautiful set includes an authentic Yixing teapot and two matching Yixing teacups. The teapot has a capacity of 100 ml, making it ideal for Gong Fu Cha.

Both the teapot and the two cups bear a maker’s stamp on the bottom, confirming their authenticity.

This set comes in a lovely box, making it an ideal gift!


  • Material: Yixing
  • Contents: 1 teapot & 2 cups
  • Teapot capacity: 100ml
  • Cup capacity: 30 ml

Maintenance instructions

Immediately wash the Yixing teapot (and cups) with warm water after use. Do not use dish soap or detergents, as they can affect the clay. DO NOT put the lid on the teapot after washing. The clay inside will still be damp. Instead, place the teapot upside down next to the lid on a towel and allow it to air dry naturally. Otherwise, musty odors or mold may develop.

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