Honey Black

Exclusive Taiwanese black tea


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A treat for your taste buds! This exclusive black tea from Taiwan is primarily harvested during the summer months and acquires its floral and honey-like aroma because the tea leaves are pricked by a hopper in the field. Combine this with a malty and dark aroma from the oxidation, and you get a layered black tea with a unique character.

Infusion Time

2-3 minutes


12 gram per liter


95 °C

Bag Content

70 gram

Country Of Origin


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A black tea from the favorite tea country of our tea sommelier, Steffi Vertriest. Taiwan, unlike any other country, has an incredibly detailed method of cultivating and processing tea, always documented with a detailed record of all cultivars and methods they use – quite different from China, for instance.

Taiwan is known for its excellent oolongs, but this black tea is equally outstanding. Its unique taste is immediately striking. The story of this Honey Black oolong tea is reminiscent of the Oriental Beauty. In this tea as well, the specific aroma is created by a hopper in the tea field that pricks the leaves.

The beautifully curled dry leaf transforms into a deep red cup when brewed. The floral and honey-like taste dominate this one. A unique tea!


Black tea from Taiwan.

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